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Learn About 1-800-My-Solar

1-800-My-Solar is a residential solar electric system provider in the United States.
1-800-My-Solar services all 50 U.S. states.
Type of company: Private
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1-800-My-Solar Company Information 1-800-My-Solar was founded in 2010 and is based in Seal Beach, California. The company’s primary goal is to provide homeowners across the nation with solar power at the best deal possible though multiple financing options.

The company has had ads featured on CNN, Sirius XM Radio, ESPN, CNBC, and MSNBC. 1-800-My-Solar is a member of the SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), the California Solar Industries Association, and the American Solar Energy Society. The company partners with solar panel manufacturers SolarWorld AG, Kyocera Corporation, Canadian Solar Inc., and Siemens AG. Additionally, the company partners with many financial institutions including Wells Fargo, Admirals Bank, and Hero Financial to offer customers the best possible financing options available on the market.

1-800-My-Solar Financial Plans and Services

-Each homeowner that decides to go with 1-800-My-Solar for their solar power needs goes through 5 steps: a call with the company to discuss the potential benefit based on a homeowner’s location, a meeting at the home, design of a unique system, installation lasting no more than a week, and monitoring of the system remotely.
-1-800-My-Solar breaks the financing options down into two basic categories: buying or leasing the system.

-This option may be through paying cash (the cheapest option over time) or through a loan with one of the company’s financial partners.
-This option comes with a 25-year panel guarantee.
-This option yields the highest return on investment – homeowners own the system and the power that it produces.
-Homeowners are eligible for Federal and/or State or local tax incentives because they own the system.
-Electricity is essentially free once the system is paid for.

-$0 or low money-down installation and maintenance cost to homeowner.
-Customers purchase the power used from the system on a monthly basis.
-Homeowners may choose from flexible payment terms to suit their specific needs.
-Monthly electric bill is low and predictable.
-Savings are immediate, as monthly utility bill will be much lower than a traditional utility/electric bill.

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Updated: 8-19-15