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Horizon Solar Power Information

The History of Horizon Solar

Since its inception in 1998, Horizon Solar has risen to become one of Southern California’s five leading solar energy contractors. As of 2015, they have served over 5,000 businesses and homeowners in the area with turnkey solar energy systems for buildings and pools.

Solar Energy Solutions

A family-owned corporation, Horizon Solar is one of the quickest growing solar panel providers in Southern California. They provide cost-free solar building assessments, financial evaluation, complete solar system modeling and expert solar unit installation. Their installation process is fast and easy and designed to have customers up and running on solar power in the shortest time possible. Horizon Solar customers have been found to spend up to 40% less on electric energy costs than those charged by standard power companies.

Solar Panel Installation

After a preliminary walkthrough of each structure, Horizon Solar installs and manages solar technology systems in both commercial and residential buildings according to a signed contract in which customers commit to purchasing the solar energy their panels yield. Their customers pay for the electricity itself throughout the term of the contract as opposed to the installation and maintenance of the panels, slashing their electric utility costs with an environmentally sound power system in the process.

Buying or Leasing Plans with Horizon Solar

Qualified customers can have their systems installed with no upfront costs as part of Horizon Solar’s financing plans, and they offer the option of either buying or leasing their energy plans. For those who choose to lease the system, their monthly fees are fixed and based on the anticipated solar energy output of the panels. This option provides a productivity guarantee in which Horizon Solar consents to pay the customer should if the panel system fails to live up to its expectations for energy output. For buyers who choose the PPA (power purchase agreement) method, they are billed for every kilowatt hour with respect to the amount of electricity the solar energy system creates.

Horizon Solar Customer Service

For customer service issues, including invoice questions and account details, you can get in touch with Horizon Solar Power 24/7 at 1-844-765-2770 for assistance.

Updated: 7-29-15