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Information on OnForce Solar

  • OnForce Solar is a residential and commercial solar energy provider based in New York.
  • Available in 4 states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.
  • Type of company: Private
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OnForce Solar Company Information

OnForce Solar is based in Bronx, New York with other offices in Staten Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The company got its start in 2007, becoming the only solar company located in the Bronx.

OnForce Solar has been recognized by Inc. Magazine as the U.S.’ 42nd fastest growing company. In the last year, the company has doubled their installation and operation staff to provide for the increased interest in solar power. Additionally, CEO Charles Feit was recognized by Crain’s Magazine in 2012 as New York City’s Entrepreneur of the Year. OnForce Solar is New York’s largest turnkey solar provider. The company handles site assessment, engineering, design, procurement, installation, and maintenance of solar systems both residentially and commercially.

OnForce Solar Financial Plans and Services

OnForce offers four financing plans to suit residential and commerical customers’ financial needs: Purchase, Conventional Financing/Capital Lease, Operating Lease, and a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

-Homeowners pay upfront for their solar energy system.
-Homeowners are entitled to all energy savings and federal and state tax incentives, as they own the system.

Conventional Financing/Capital Lease:
-Up to 100% financing available for 5 – 10 year terms.
-Homeowners pay a monthly lease/loan fee.
-Homeowners are entitled to federal and state tax incentives.

Operating Lease:
-This option is for commercial customers and is a non-balance sheet item and is fully expensed.
-This is ideal for companies that have a strong balance sheet and ample cash flow but may not want a large tax credit or depreciation.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA):
-A PPA is a 15 – 20 year contract in which the customer agrees to pay the provider for the amount of energy generated by the system.
-The cost of energy is predictable and often much less than a traditional utility bill.
-OnForce will own and maintain the system for the term of the PPA.

OnForce Solar has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ and has been accredited since 2014.

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Updated: 8-18-15