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Petersen Dean Roofing and Solar Installation Contractor

  • Headquarters: Fremont, California
  • Markets Served: California, Arizona, Nevada and Florida
  • Company Founding: 1984 by Jim Petersen
  • Petersen Dean does the solar roofing installation for San Jose Earthquakes Avaya Stadium.

Spreading Renewable Energy One Rooftop at a Time

Northern California based Petersen Dean offers roofing and solar panel installation for homes and businesses. They started business in Fremont in 1984 but today they have locations all over California as well as Florida, Texas, Arizona and a couple locations in Nevada. They can give a home or business just a roof or just a solar installation or both. They provide payment plans for their work and offer over all savings when customers get the roof and solar installation combination.

A Roofing Company With Experience

Petersen Dean stresses their 32 years experience at handling customers roofing needs. They point out that quality is remembered long after the price of the work is forgotten. They advise that if you spot any missing, blistered or curled roof shingles on your roof, that this can spell trouble for a homeowner and they may need to have roofing experts have a look. Petersen Dean also works with home and commercial builders in installing new roofing and they offer quality builds that are on time and on budget.

The Solar Installation Package for Your Needs

Their solar installation packages start with a basic system with 6 solar panels providing 1.68 kilowatts of power on up to 36 solar panels offering an impressive 10 kilowatts of electricity. They stress that their panels are made in America and that they are installed by professionals with the experience to get the job done right. They offer customers no money down loans that may have no interest or payments for 6 months and they accept all major credit cards. With solar installation, PACE, or property assessed clean energy loans, may also be an option for the customer. They do not offer leases as they point out that this will cost the home or business owner their all-important tax credit, which is why many go with solar in the first place.

Petersen Dean Roofing Protection

Petersen Dean Roofing backs all of their work with a 30 year protection plan. This includes a 30 year warranty on their roofing work as well as a 30 year solar production guarantee as far as the continued power generation from a solar installation. All of this protection also transfers to a new homeowner whenever you sell your house. They go a step further than some by offering to buy back the solar system they install down the road should their customer wish to trade up to a newer system. The most important thing they may offer in the way of a warranty is that they have been around a long time so a residential or commercial customer can count on them still being around should the warranty be needed. Petersen Dean Roofing is a company that offers roofing, solar and energy storage solutions that are made in the USA and that come from an accredited business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Updated: 7-29-15