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Information About REC Solar

  • REC Solar is a commercial solar system provider in the United States.
  • Type of Company: Private
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REC Solar Company Information:

REC Solar is headquartered in San Luis Obispo, California and was founded in 1997. REC provides financing, design, procurement, construction, and maintenance of solar systems for businesses, government facilities, and non-profits across the United States.

Since the company’s conception, REC Solar has installed over 440 commercial solar energy systems across the United States, amounting to over 140 megawatts of clean energy produced. Today, the company is under the leadership of CEO Al Bucknam. The company’s mission is to help commercial customers decrease energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support sustainability.

REC Solar Services:
REC Solar provides solar solutions to many facets of the market including: Small and Medium Businesses, Federal Government, Agriculture and Storage, Education and Municipalities, and Retail and Distribution.

  • Small and Medium Businesses – these types of commercial customers may see reduction to energy costs at up to 70%. REC Solar also navigates the often-complex federal and state tax incentives while installing a customized system. An example of this type of REC system is in place at the Hampton Inn in Bakersfield, California.
  • Federal Government – the REC team creates systems compliant with the FAR/DFAR requirements posed on governmental facilities. The VA Medical Center in Los Angeles is an REC Solar system.
  • Agriculture and Storage – REC serves large and small farmers and food processing facilities. REC Solar provides many financial options for these types of entities to finance their system. VBZ Grapes and Castle Rock Vineyards in California save on energy costs with a REC Solar system.
  • Education and Municipalities – solar systems in education facilities save energy costs but also act as a learning tool for students, faculty, and staff to learn about solar power. Caroline County Schools in Maryland are benefitting from a solar system by REC Solar.
  • Retail and Distribution – REC Solar has outfitted Costco, IKEA, Safeway, and Albertson’s across the U.S. and have helped these companies in their commitment to sustainability.
  • REC Solar has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been accredited since February 2003.

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    Updated: 8-17-15