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  • Founding Year: 1978
  • CEO name: Dennis Lacey
  • Headquarters location: Louisville, CO
  • Markets served: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont
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The History of RGS Energy

In 1978, RGS Energy (Real Goods Solar Energy) offered some of the earliest solar power panels to the general population from its modest general store in Northern California. Since that time, they’ve set up more than 22,500 solar power systems for houses, companies, schools, government buildings and utility services countrywide, amassing over 235 megawatts of clean power.

RGS Energy Services

As a BBB-accredited business since 2012 with an A+ rating, RGS Energy helps home and business owners to spend less on their electric bills by supplying an all-inclusive solar plan, beginning with the design, funding, permitting and installation of a solar system to its continuous monitoring, upkeep and service.

Customers interested in money-saving and environment-friendly solar energy have two options: Leasing solar power from them or purchasing a complete system for maximum self-sufficiency.

Leasing Solar Power

Leasing solar power by way of a service contract provides a low, predetermined electricity rate for 20 years. For the duration of the term RGS will pay for, install and manage a solar power system in your house, and you merely purchase the energy you derive from it every month. You can enjoy a low and consistent month-to-month electricity bill while relying on RGS to fully maintain the system. The majority of RGS Energy clients spend around 25% less than what an average homeowner pays their electric company for conventional power.

Buying a Solar Power System

Buying and owning a system generally offers the greatest long-term cost savings of roughly 50% off of solar costs. You will own the solar power panels and the energy they generate, thereby being eligible for special rebates and incentives such as rebate checks and tax credits. Solar panels are very durable, and the majority carry a 25-year warranty, which provides decades of free electrical power once the system is fully paid for.

Contacting RGS Energy

For inquiries about your bill or account information, you can contact RGS Energy directly at 1-888-56-SOLAR, and one of their qualified specialists will assist you with your concerns.

Updated: 7-29-15