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Solarworld Company Information

Solarworld has been the largest United States manufacturer and supplier of solar panels for home, commercial and government use for over 40 years. Serving markets in the United States, Canada and in Latin America, Solarworld USA:

  • Founding: 1975
  • Headquarters: Hillsboro, Oregon
  • # of employees: ~1,000
  • Company Type: Public (SWTK)
  • CEO: Frank Asbeck
  • Philanthropy: Solarworld runs a unique solar donation program to help countries in need. .

Solarworld Products And Warranties

Solarworld manufactures and sells high quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels, framed in either black or silver. They also sell Sunkits solar systems, which are custom designed for businesses, homes and government offices. Sunmodule Plus Solar Panels are created to meet or exceed existing industry standards.

Solar panels manufactured and sold by Solarworld come with a 10 year guarantee of the workmanship that was performed to manufacture the product. There is also a 25 year guarantee covering linear performance, which guarantees that panels will meet minimum energy output expectations.

Solarworld Business Partnership Opportunities

Solarworld offers a chance for businesses to gain even more value by partnering with them to become a Solarworld approved installer. This offers many benefits to both parties. Some of the best benefits of partnership for businesses include:

  • A preferred status
  • Discounts to help save money and lower costs
  • Free services for partners
  • More information on partnering with Solarworld USA can be found here:

Solarworld Involvement In Large Projects

Solarworld’s experts in designing, engineering, technical support and representatives in customer service have been involved in the past with a variety of solar energy projects on a large scale. These include:

  • Solar system for the Los Angeles Department of Water
  • Solar panels for a Pearl Harbor Naval Facilities building
  • A solar system mounted on the roof near the Vatican at St. Peter’s Cathedral
  • Ground mounted solar panels installed at the Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • A solar energy system implemented at the Orange County Convention Center

Using solar power has been shown to enhance the profitability of business and increases the value of private homes. Solar energy is clean, cost efficient and uses one of the most natural energy sources available, the power of the sun.

Benefits To Expect By Switching To Solar Energy

Switching to environmentally friendly solar energy gives homeowners, government offices and businesses benefits like:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Higher home values in homes featuring solar power
  • Energy costs that conveniently become fixed and locked in
  • A reduction in harmful environmental impact factors, including reduction of carbon footprints, which helps the environment

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