SunEdison: Overview, Products, And History

Overview Of SunEdison

  • Headquarters: Belmont, California
  • # of Employees: 3,300
  • Founding Year: 1959
  • Has a portfolio of about 750 patents

SunEdison is a company with global presence that specializes in wind and solar energy. It operates, builds, and owns wind energy and solar power plants. Moreover, it owns a number of manufacturing businesses that create products for the semiconductor market. Some of them include silicon wafers and monocrystalline silicon ingots, not to mention high purity polysilicon. It also manufactures products for the solar energy market. Some of its solar products include solar module racking systems and solar modules, not to mention systems for solar energy generation.

July 2015 News: SunEdison Announces 2.2 Billion Dollar Acquisition

SunEdison has agreed to purchase Vivint Solar which is known for rooftop solar systems. Its rooftop solar systems are used mostly for residential buildings. Vivint Solar will receive 2.2 billion dollars in the form of SunEdison stock, cash, and convertible notes. According to Peter Wallace, Vivint Solar’s board chairman and Blackstone’s senior managing director, this acquisition will help position SunEdison for “accelerated future growth” as a leading provider of commercial and residential solar panels.

Solar Products Offered by SunEdison

Engineers of this company apply their knowledge of solar technology in order to create comprehensive solar system solutions. They transform information gathered from solar power plants into actionable insight. That is why SunEdison solar products are known all over the world for their affordability, stability, and durability.

Some of their solar panels are Silvantis F-series and Silvantis R-series. Silvantis F-series panels have a high return on investment and boast reliability that surpasses international standards. Silvantis R-series panels are based on proprietary technology and can function in harsh environments. Both of these solar panels are produced on certified solar module factories.

SunEdison History

This company used to be a subsidiary of Monsanto Company and its original name was the Monsanto Electronic Materials Company (MEMC). It was established in 1959 to take advantage of the opportunities created by nascent electronics market. The idea behind it was to supply electronics companies with silicon wafers and other vital production materials.

Since there were few companies manufacturing silicon wafers at that time, MEMC became a trailblazer of the electronics industry. It was so successful that many of its newly created products have turned into staple products of the 21st century. Moreover, MEMC pioneered many innovative processes, such as the Chemical Mechanical Polishing and the Czochralski process. The first process helped with the production of silicon crystal. The second process helped to eliminate extraneous materials from the silicon wafer, giving it a smooth, flat surface ideal for integrated circuitry. Another innovation MEMC created was the first production facility of epitaxial wafers.

In the 1980s, Japanese companies have put a lot of pressure on MEMC to lower its prices.
Therefore, in spite of substantial revenues, MEMC had to sustain some financial losses. During this time, Monsanto sold MEMC to Hüls AG, the German energy company.
Updated: 7-29-15